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My background and expertise is in outlining, interviewing, writing, and editing books with an eye toward the big picture: a professional manuscript ready for publishing that. speaks directly to your target audience.


A detailed outline is an essential blueprint for the book. It identifies the overall structure, core topics, messaging, and research necessary to present your message in the most compelling and clear manner. Eventually, the outline will morph into the table of contents.

Interviewing for Content

This will be a collaborative (and cathartic) process during which you'll share your industry insights, observations, and stories with me through recorded phone interviews. We'll follow the structure of the outline with the understanding there will be a few deviations and changes in course. All calls will be transcribed and form the base of the book's content. 


Through a series of structured phone interviews using a detailed pre-approved outline, the content culled from our conversations will be translated into functional prose. The first version of the manuscript will be ghostwritten, in your voice and style, to a professional standard equivalent to a working draft.

Developmental Editing

A developmental edit elevates the complete first draft into an organized, coherent, and readable work. It sharpens and tightens the manuscript so the information is believable, engaging, and the details are consistent. It will likely require restructuring and light rewriting. The emphasis in a developmental edit is on three critical elements: content, structure, and overall presentation of information.  

Line Editing

A line edit imposes an overall improvement and polish to the narrative to ensure stylistic, mechanical, and voice elements are consistent. It verifies correct implementation of revisions. This edit eliminates redundancies, run on sentences, overused language, and confusing digressions. It examines the content from the paragraph and sentence level to make sure all of the information is clearly and effectively delivered. This step elevates the manuscript to a near-publishable form.

Editorial Consultation

On a chapter-by-chapter basis, I’ll review your writing to ensure the book unfolds in a way that flows, is engaging, entertaining and/or educational, and insightful. I’ll provide feedback and make suggestions for deeper character and/or idea development, probe for detail, and ensure the narrative “makes sense.” Editing is a collaborative process and requires flexibility and focus. We will work together to create a comprehensive and complete first working draft.  

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