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Q: What do Quincy Jones, Robert Kraft, JJ Abrams, Tony Robbins, Adam Grant, Seth Godin, Michael Gerber, Ken Blanchard, and Guy Kawasaki have in common?


A: They've all endorsed my ghostwritten and edited books.


From IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Judges for People First by Amy Lafko


Lots of thought and effort went into the research, outline, planning, and structure of this book. The writing is clear, concise, and more importantly, accessible. The author steers clear of jargon and explains technical concepts in easy-to-follow language that draws the reader in. It has been professionally and judiciously edited. Kudos to Brooke White, the content editor.



"You have a gift. You're the only person who has been able to capture my voice and put it forth in an honest and fun read. I'm incredibly impressed."

-Walker Clark, Author of Permission to Act

Life, Business & Personal Development Engineer


"Brooke offers an environment for you to be your best. She is reliable, professional, insightful, efficient, hyper-organized, and extremely patient. She makes the book writing process fun from start to finish, and her passion for working with authors is apparent in her determination to make your vision shine!"

-Tami Holzman, Bestselling Author of From C-Student to the C-Suite

Angel Investor and Advisor

"Brooke White is the Duchess of Delivery. She is the perfect blend of efficiency and hand-holding that makes a brand thrive in reputation."

-Beth Kallman

Editor and Marketing Specialist, Author Connections

"Brooke, my brilliant editor, my friend, my inspiration, my sounding board, my co-spirited writer, my loving task-master."

-Kathi Sharpe-Ross, Author of Reinvent Your Life!

Founder, CEO & President of The Sharpe Alliance


"I happily entrusted the pivotal editing of my book to Brooke White, and I'm forever grateful to her for her work. Thank you for your brilliant ideas and subtle prodding."

-Sherry Deutschmann, Author of Lunch with Lucy

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of BrainTrust


"If your content is in need of organization and structure, Brooke White is the ideal editor."

-Pia-Maria Thoren, Bestselling Author of Agile People

Inspiration Director and Agile People Coach


"Brooke helped me corral a wealth of existing written material and research into a comprehensive and engaging book targeted toward young women who want to develop a career in financial services."

-Laura Mattia, Author of Gender on Wall Street


"Brooke is a talented editor and writer. She can translate existing content and create brand new material into salient, effective messaging."

-Ralph Crozier

Business Consultant 

"Before I wrote the book, I spoke the book. It took a great deal of work listening to the dictations and assembling the first draft. Thank you, Brooke White, for your patience and perseverance."

-Jedidiah Yueh, Author of Disrupt or Die

Founder and Executive Chairman, Delphix


"I love what you've done to translate my story to the written page. Thank you, Brooke White."

-Bill Bymel, Author of Win Win Revolution

Managing Member, RSI Asset Management, LLC

"For Brooke White, my editor, whose skills and insight were invaluable in editing and pushing me to add critical pieces of information the reader will benefit from. I appreciate her patience and her experience."

-Laurie Taylor, Author of The Seven Stages of Business Growth book series

Business Strategy Consultant, FlashPoint!

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